These instruments are descendants of the ancient instruments that you will see in WORLD IN TUNE.

Cowbells from India

All civilizations in World In Tune have some sort of bell, both for announcements and for musical effects.

Made in India, the largest bell is around 3 inches long.

The sound of these cowbells is delightful — hear for yourself. 

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These lovely Story Teller Animals are hand-carved in Vietnam. They are small relatives of the ancient Chinese tiger box. The tiger box was used to end music with a flourish by stroking its back three times with a stick. Hold these little ones -- you can call them guiros or rasps -- loosely in your hand or on your palm so they can resonate when you rub them.

This lovely little pig has a turned-up nose and a jaunty tail.  Rub the stick along his belly or tap him. A nice gentle wood-block.  4″ long.  Buy now for $22.00

Rub the ridges on this cricket’s belly with the stick and hear him ribbet like the real thing. Buy now for $18

This chubby rabbit feels really nice to hold. Tap him with either the large or small end of the stick or rub it along the little bumps on his head. A lovely little instrument. 4 inches long. $22

damaru from Nepal

The damaru is a two-headed ceremonial drum from Nepal. It comes with its own embroidered case.


Beautiful inlay work is a feature of many Egyptian drums. This is a wooden drum with a natural skin head. It is hand-made so there are slight variations, but each one is around 8 inches tall with a 5 inch diameter head.

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These khartals are hardwood clappers with jingles, played with one hand. Place your thumb through the round hole in one khartal, and  put your fingers through the longer hole in the other, then strike them together. Of course, children with small hands can just shake one. $24 for the pair.


Crafted by the Berbers of North Africa, this square frame drum is great for keeping rhythm without being too loud in a storytelling session. It is traditionally held in front of the chest and tapped with the fingers. Natural skin and hand painted, each drum is different. Size 5″x5″ Reg. Price $39.95

Sale $35.

Fish Clapper from India. Hold him by the tail and give a shake. Painted wood, he measures 6-6.5″ long. $14.